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The Secret World Quests - Signal Effect Quest Guide

Discussion in 'MMORPG Guides' started by VladGray, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. VladGray

    VladGray Community Manager Staff Member


    1 Find all 4 dishes and type next coordinates: 12.4, 31.7. Dishes are at: 488,374; 536,418; 580,459; 592,384; (Use walls sometimes to climb the second floor of the building)
    2 Do the task. Visit these coordinates: 503,1017. The password is: 6744.

    Hope you like it :) Enjoy. We will add guides for all quests. Feel free to ask.
  2. Ahkronn

    Ahkronn New Member

    Can we have a discription on how to decode the transmissions in order to get that coordinate and password?
  3. Ahkronn

    Ahkronn New Member

    Dispute deleted.
  4. VladGray

    VladGray Community Manager Staff Member

    You can visit or can not. It's you decision. We don't support any dispute.
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  5. Ashardis

    Ashardis New Member


    I think this picture of the mission completion location is better since it clearly shows that it's underground :)
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  6. VladGray

    VladGray Community Manager Staff Member

    Quite good yeah ;)
    Thx alot.