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The Secret World - Chat Commands & GUI

Discussion in 'MMORPG Guides' started by VladGray, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. VladGray

    VladGray Community Manager Staff Member

    As with other Funcom games, features can be accessed in two ways: Chat Commands & GUI.
    Let us begin.

    How To:

    If you are near the person:
    Click him/her and right-click the box with his/her healthbar and choose invite to group.
    If you see someone talking in the chat, you can invite the person by right-clicking the name.
    Chat command:
    /invite NAME

    You can befriend a person in the same way you team up with them.
    If you want to befriend someone not next to you, the command is:
    /friend add NAME
    To check if your friends are online:
    Shift-F opens social panel (friends/cabal/ignored lists)

    Click in the input-field of the chat, then click [tab] for a list of available channels.
    When you see others talking, you can also click the channel name [in the brackets] to select that channel.
    To show an item Ctrl-Right-click it in the inventory.

    Edit Chat-windows
    You can drag and drop them to be either tabs as you know them from browsers, or individual windows.
    Right-click and choose detatch
    To add or remove channels/system messages from a window:
    Right-click and choose "subscribe to", then select the information/channel you want from the sub-menus.
    There is a V in front of those active in the window.

    A section on private channels (more advanced stuff) comes later in the post

    Get unstuck
    1) Type this in the chat-window:
    2) Use the device that takes you to Agartha
    3) Log out and in again
    If none of this helps:
    4) Type this in the chat-window:
    /petition I am stuck, please help me. I have tried /stuck, logging in and out as well as the Agartha recall device

    Sure you can do it shorter, but typing all this will let the GM know you have tried on your own

    Make a Guild(Cabal)
    The lore states it is called "Cabal", but the commands ingame calls it guild.
    /help Cabal
    Will give you the commands, enabling you to make a guild, promote and demote people.
    It will give you your own Guild channel in a separate tab as well.
    When you log on you will get a MoTD (Message of The Day)
    /cabal (create guildname) | (rename newname) | (invite [name]) | promote | demote | remove | leave | (sendmoney amount) | (withdrawmoney amount) | message
    The command to making the Cabal works, but I was unable to invite new members, neither through the GUI (Shift-F) or the command.

    Again commands:
    /emote [tab]
    That will give you a complete list of emotes, select one of then and hit [enter] They are quite nicely made and there are many to choose from.

    Gives you the parameters for commands.
    As in the example of /help guild

    Changing gear fast (semi-advanced)
    Macro (clicking)
    Red text is skipable/optional/advanced
    Open the macro window by typing this in the chat:
    /option chat_macro_window true

    (Advanced: in the "The Secret World" folder, make a new folder called "Scripts", open Notepad (Windowskey+R type notepad) and write:
    /option chat_macro_window true
    Save it in teh scripts folder as call it macro.txt and close it.
    In TSW write:
    That will open the macro window then.
    More advanced: remove .txt from the name, then you avoid to write it in TSW as well)
    You will get the window on the left in this image:
    By clicking the NEW button, you get the window on the right.

    There you can type:
    /gearmanager use BUILDNAME
    (You can see your build names by tying:
    /gearmanager list)
    Give it whatever name you want and it will appear in the macro window:
    You can now click those to execute them, hence changing builds fast.

    Aliases (typing), semi-advanced
    Combining two things:

    here is an example, then I will explain how:
    /gearmanager list
    ::gives the following::
    List of gear builds:

    /gearmanager use ElementaBlood
    ::changes to that setup instantly::
    /gearmanager use BloodGun
    ::changes to that setup instantly::
    /alias Gun gearmanager use BloodGun
    Makes "/Gun" do the same
    /alias Ele gearmanager use ElementaBlood
    Shortens the other setup as well
    Now all I have to do to change is:

    /alias shortName gearmanager use LOOOOOOOOOOOOONGbuildName
    then typing:
    will change to the build LOOOOOOOOOOOOONGbuildName
    as for the full extend:
    /alias [aliasname [command {parameters}]]
    alias: You can use this command to create 'aliases' to existing commands, and even fix some of the parameters.
    If you don't enter any parameter, all of your aliases will be listed. If you enter one parameter, the provided
    alias will be deleted. Otherwise, a new alias to the provided command and its parameters will be registered.

    /gearmanager (save name) | (delete name) | (rename oldname newname) | (use name) | list
    gearmanager: This command will let you save, rename, delete and use a gear build.
    You can manage/change the same things pressing "C" and choosing the gear manager.

    Infoview (clicking), advancedI don't have a screenshot of this, but trust me, it works:
    In the red before we made a file in the "Scripts" folder.
    We are going to do that again, but with more text this time.
    (this code below is for understanding, it does -NOT- work, use the code lower in the post)

    [Makes it text only you can see. As tells are limited to 420 characters, you need to be sure it is less if you want to remove /text, to show it to others, eg if they inform you of their build names you could make an infoview they are able to use.. I would recommend only having 3 or 4 then, to be sure of that. this script is 388, but the variables %1, %2 etc. will expand to what your input is]
    <a href="text://
    [starts the link for the chat, and starts building the text of the infoview we use a " to encapsulate it all]
    <a href='chatcmd:///gearmanager use %1 \n /text %1 loaded'>%1</a>
    [Makes a link that will execute (chatcmd://) the code in the chat newline (\n) can be used to execute multiple commands here ' is used. if you want an infview to close as people click it: (\n /close infoview) will do that]
    [line space so you do not accidently click the wrong one]
    <a href='chatcmd:///gearmanager use %2 \n /text %2 loaded'>%2</a>
    <a href='chatcmd:///gearmanager use %3 \n /text %3 loaded'>%3</a>
    <a href='chatcmd:///gearmanager use %4 \n /text %4 loaded'>%4</a>
    <a href='chatcmd:///gearmanager use %5 \n /text %5 loaded'>%5</a>
    ">My builds</a>
    [Puts in the closing " and names what the link should be called in the chat]

    This is the code compressed, and working
    It all needs to be in one line:

    <a href="text://<a href='chatcmd:///gearmanager use %1 \n /text %1 loaded'>%1</a><br><br><a href='chatcmd:///gearmanager use %2 \n /text %2 loaded'>%2</a><br><br><a href='chatcmd:///gearmanager use %3 \n /text %3 loaded'>%3</a><br><br><a href='chatcmd:///gearmanager use %4 \n /text %4 loaded'>%4</a><br><br><a href='chatcmd:///gearmanager use %5 \n /text %5 loaded'>%5</a>">My builds</a>
    save the file as eg. "Builds"
    and in the game type:

    Replace BUILDNAME1 etc. with your build names.
    (You can see your build names by tying:

    /gearmanager list)
    Then you will get a window (technical term: infoview) where you get 4 links you can click on, that will load the builds you have specified.

    A very nice feature in Funcom games

    Big thx to Crowley for this guide.